a January 23rd, 2011

  1. Valentine Girl

    January 23, 2011 by myeye

    Gwendy sent me this photo of the very beautiful (and dreadfully clever) Darby.  Those are Gwendy’s hat models behind this Chase/Magic daughter.

    She wished her Gramma Penni a Happy Valentines Day — Love you too, cutie!

  2. Shall I Call Them Buddy Burgers?

    January 23, 2011 by myeye

    A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of the new grinder I had purchased on ebay.  It’s a 2.6 hp, 2000 watt KitchenStar.  This evening I finally made the time to take it out for its maiden voyage.  WOW!  Can it ever grind stuff up.  I threw together a whole beef brisket, two whole chickens, 8 or 10 carrots, a big clump of broccoli, a fresh beet, some garlic.  I’m going to package some of it in three pound bags which is two dinners for the dogs that are here at the moment.  I’m going to make some of it into 8 ounce “Buddy Burgers”.  They’ll be great for travel.  I fed the dogs before I started, but that didn’t keep the rapt audience from drooling all over the floor.  I think I love this grinder — no problem at all with the chicken bones.  We’ll probably try pork with chicken the next time — and I’ll throw in some fresh beef liver.  Lucky dogs — your person loves you!

    Ground Veggies and part of the brisket — more in the foreground

    The first batch of Buddy Burgers

    I went back to the receipts for the ingredients.  The total cost was just under $20 and I concocted 25-1/2 pounds of dog food.  The burgers are in the freezer to get solid.  Then I’ll cut the waxed paper so each burger is separate with a wax paper slip sheet between, put the patties in a zip lock freezer bag — and we are ready to go.  When I board the dogs (while I’m in Tennessee picking up the new baby), or have a house sitter, the burgers will be so very convenient.

  3. Tracking, Herding, Sleeping

    January 23, 2011 by myeye

    Today was Sandia Dog Obedience Club’s annual TD test.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather — mid-40’s, blue skies, high light clouds.  There were six entries with four passes.  A fifth dog tracked beautifully to the last leg.  It’s so nice to see people waving that glove in the air.

    Meanwhile in Tennessee, some of the snow is gone so Susan took the Chaseman out to work the sheep.  Cheryl snapped photos and, as usual, I am delighted to receive them.  Even with sweet Inca, silly Holmes, and adorable red brat Nola here, I miss Chase.

    No, no, no — do not run the fat off the mutton

    Good job, Chase — he isn’t running the sheep across Susan’s feet

    Push him back, push him back, way back — staying off the sheep

    Poor little Rhys — I sold him into a hard life 🙂