Christmas for Me

January 2, 2011

I mentioned a few days ago that for Christmas I gave myself a bright green dog blow dryer.  We’ve yet to use it because it has been so very cold on the days I’ve been at home.  It’s still quite cute and I’m sure the dogs are looking forward to its maiden voyage (NOT).

Only an inveterate dog person would think this was way cool

Yesterday I added a second Christmas present to my stash.  I had been looking at these for months.  My raw food store closed — the landlord tried to double the rent — so I’ve not had a place to buy prepackaged raw meals for travel and emergencies.  The only answer to keeping the raw feeding affordable with a bunch of dogs was to have a meat grinder.  It has to be one with sufficient wattage to crunch up bones along with the meat and vegetables.  Using whole chicken — giblets and all — is very economical.  Buying a chunk of pork or beef shoulder is much less expensive than buying cuts from that same shoulder.  I always do a bunch of retail research on line and once I’ve narrowed down what I want (and its usual price), I visit ebay to see what they have.  I love to bid during the holidays — I tell myself a lot of the other potential bidders are busy.  So, I began stalking the grinder I wanted yesterday.  It’s 2.6 horsepower with a rating of 2000 watts.  Last night I was the winning bidder for about half the grinder’s retail price.

I found this on YouTube. It’s not the grinder I bought (mine has a greater horse power and higher wattage), but this shows “Making the BARF diet” with the electric meat grinder.  Stand by dogs!

It’s not as cute as the dog blow dryer, but I think the dogs will like it a lot more than they like the dryer.  I can make up 8 oz patties that contain everything I would mix-up daily, freeze it in the new dog-freezer (I guess that was a present to myself as well).  I’ll pull out the appropriate number of patties to thaw for a day’s meals and all god’s creatures will be happy.


  1. Builder Mama says:

    That is a NICE grinder. I think they will like that way more than the dryer, or at least they’ll like the end product better!

  2. Tony says:

    Dixie doesn’t like getting dried with Michelle’s hair-dryer. That dryer would send her totally berserk. That meat grinder sure doesn’t mess about.

  3. I woodent trust that grynda. If yoo got yor hand stuk in it it wood probly pool yor hole body froo. Then it wood be bye bye dog meet prepairing person. I ges it wood be a good way to dispowz of a body if yoo did a merder. Maybe that’s wot hapend to the wun arm shef in Daddy’s Pub Ally kartoon