. . . just yesterday . . .

January 5, 2011

they were tiny babies — 6.5 oz to 10 oz — and now they are eleven weeks old and ready to take on the world.  Like our children, they grow up too fast.  I am delighted that three of the four puppies will be off to their new homes over the next two weekends, but I also wouldn’t mind having them around for a bit longer.  When Smooch, Udi, and Victor leave, I’ll have more time to work with Nola (believe me, she will require some work).  I hope the people who are giving the babies homes, understand that I feed off of photos and stories about the grandpups.  Planning, breeding, whelping, raising create a bond that lasts a lifetime — both the dogs’ and mine.

I’m off to court this morning, but will try to get some photos up later today.


  1. DeAnn says:

    Puppy pen in basement set-up – Check
    Puppy pen in living room set-up – Check
    Puppy crate in bedroom ready – Check
    Airline Tickets purchased – Check
    Bags packed – Check
    Puppy kisses and puppy breath – Priceless!

    See you Friday Smoochie(and Penni and crew)!

  2. Builder Mama says:

    I hope the hoomans will give us puppy junkies an update every now and then so we can see the crew growing up. I’m going to miss their cute little faces, I can only imagine how you must feel, Penni.

  3. Tony says:

    It must be so hard sending the puppies to new homes. I’m sure you will miss them.