Last Weekend For Two

January 7, 2011

I love the puppies.  This morning after they had breakfast, they all wanted a turn to cuddle and I realized that feeding and cuddling time is about to be reduced by 50%.  Smooch and Udi are leaving this weekend — tomorrow.  Carolyn and I will co-own Smoochie with DeAnn Nelson.  DeAnn lives in the Tri-Cities area in Washington State.  DeAnn and her husband Rich have a horse boarding facility.  DeAnn has a Cardi girl that is working on a MACH and will soon be in Open Obedience.  The Smooch will be a killer agility dog.  She is light on her feet and athletic.  She is so well put together that DeAnn will venture into the conformation ring with her.

Udi is going to live with Sondra Grumbein — also in the Tri-cities area (only about 20 minutes from DeAnn and Rich).  Sondra has two daughters who are 11 and 13, and recently retired from her position as a veterinary pathologist.  Sondra showed sight hounds and still has some older dogs (and alpaca and geese, and  . . .).  The girls wanted a dog they could train — sight hounds are not it — so Udi will be a juniors dog.  DeAnn will work at getting him into a puppy class at her club so that he and Smooch can continue to see one another.  Happy Udi — he will be in heaven with his own little girls.

. . . and I’ll have Victor here for another week before he is off to Minneapolis.  Victor’s owners, George and Connie Tessmer, lost their Cardi girl (and part of their hearts) in the fall.  They had earned her CD and mid-level agility titles, but more important to all of us, is that she was their companion and house dog.  They plan to train Victor, but first on the agenda is loving the stuffing out of him.  He is bright and responsive — not quite as wild as the other three puppies.  It is a good match.  My friends in Minnesota have already welcomed George and Connie to the Cardi community and have promised to be available to answer questions and give support.

All three new owners are reorganizing their thinking to feed raw.  That’s all the puppies have ever known and I am so grateful that these people are open to a new way of keeping their dogs healthy.  They already know how to keep their dogs happy.  Great matches!

Then there is Nola (she says to add “The Adorable”).  This is a princess — may be taking after her Aunt Molly.  She’ll be lonely until mid-February when the Scout/Chase daughter (who will be called  “Kissy”) comes home.  So, Nola will have to be the frequent office dog, and now I am pretty well set up to work at home a couple of days a week.  Grandma Inca, who will give a sigh of relief when the three puppies have gone, will just have to suck it up.  Holmes, needless to say, will be absolutely delighted to have two little sisters with which to play.

We have ears!

Well, we have ear.


  1. Builder Mama says:

    Congratulations to all of the new parents – it makes me so happy to see each one of the gang will be well-loved. I hope everyone will send updates now and then so we can continue watching the Foursome grow up!

    And congratulations to you Penni – I know it must be sad to see them go, but you should be proud of every single one of them. They are gorgeous and sweet!

    Now for the probing question – do you know which puppy is “Kissy” yet? The Scouchas are all adorable.

  2. Jean from NM says:

    Amen to what “Builder Mama” wrote, especially the congratulations to you, Penni, for raising such beautiful and well behaved (ahem) puppies. I know you’ll be sad to see them go.