Mine, Mine, Mine!

January 14, 2011

DeAnn reports in on the Smooch.  Smooch likes to bark at the cats, but has learned to stay out of their reach.  She loves Rich and when he comes home, screams until he picks her up and gives her some snuggles.  “She is the squeakiest dog I’ve ever had. She sounds just like a guinea pig when she’s playing by herself. She’s like a little old lady who talks to herself. Grunt, grunt, grunt. It’s very cute.”  Keep the photos coming, DeAnn.  I love them.

She had her well-puppy check and her third DAPP shot.  The vet thought, since she came from New Mexico, that she was from a puppy mill — WHAT?  We’ve been a State since 1912.

So, here are photos.  Little Smoocher has claimed everything she likes at DeAnn’s — dog bed, toy, red Cardi girl — mine, mine, mine.

Starting with Smooch looking cute and oh so sweet

Doesn’t look like that was Smooch’s bed to start with

Sorry, Lab, you’ll have to sleep on the floor

I know it was Poppy’s duck, but now it’s all MINE

Poppy’s had enough — chew on the puppy


  1. Builder Mama says:

    See, I knew she was the conspiring type – move in, take over!

    Thanks DeAnn for the pictures. Sounds like Smooch has taken over, I mean moved in, like a champ!

  2. DeAnn says:

    Yep,the girls are getting along great! I was worried about our young lab but those two are really hitting it off nicely. Smooch just took a bone from Teyla…and Tey, just rolled over and said OK, no worries… good girls.