Oodles of Labradors

January 22, 2011

Some of you may recall me mentioning my friend Bonnie Kellner from time to time.  Bonnie has been breeding Labrador Retrievers for more than 30 years under the Kennel Name Aristes.  It was Bonnie who showed Chase his first show weekend (for 5 points, including his first major), she’s helped me with breedings, talked her vet into doing Phoebe’s midnight C-Section.  She does our conformation handling class and has always helped tame the wildest coat.

Bonnie has litter sisters that will be seven before long.  She decided she had better breed them if she wanted their puppies (there had been some misses along the way and a litter of only three).  So, throwing caution to the wind, she bred both Ginger and Fresca.  Last Tuesday and Wednesday each girl provided her with 9 puppies.  That is a conglomeration of 18 black and yellow lab puppies.  They are only a few days old, with great mothers, so pretty easy to care for.  I’m thinking ahead to six and nine week old lab puppies frolicking through the house, eating everything in sight . . . oh, man!  My four little babies took over the place — EIGHTEEN!!!

If you’ve been meaning to add a lab puppy (or two) to your household, I think Bonnie aristeslabs @ gmail . com is taking reservations.


  1. Taryn says:

    EGADS! Eighteen lab puppies sounds like a force to be reckoned with!Awfully cute, but still EGADS!

  2. Builder Mama says:

    Eighteen??? I can’t even begin to imagine! I bet they are adorable though.