Udi Will Be Udi

January 10, 2011

This from Sondra:

“Udi is doing great, and the name stuck. My 3-legged rescue IG Cruiser especially likes him & they play when Amity whippet lets them.

He slept in his crate in the girls’ room without a whimper & is eating like a champ! He loves the doggie doors–in&out&in&out…

I will send some photos as I get them. He is a happy “little” guy!”


  1. DeAnn says:

    Udi, Udi, Attitudi… or something like that. I like the name. He might be a snuggle bunny but he has a mind of his own. He was determined to “get that cat” Very single minded. He’ll make a great tracking dog!

  2. Builder Mama says:

    Aw, sweet Udi…watch out for that kitteh, they’re not all as appreciative of you as we are!

  3. Kathy M. says:

    NICE! Welcome Home Udi!