a February 12th, 2011

  1. Tennessee Puppy Party . . . and no Kissy in Albuquerque

    February 12, 2011 by myeye

    These are the cutest puppies — and we had a great group of people to evaluate them.

    Chase and his chillen’

    Don’t think you can dump the kids off on me

    Eyes right!

    A tub of puppies

    Yardican tongues

    Chase is still after Scout — no luck

    . . .  and here’s our Laurie

    . . . and here’s our Susan making off with our Laurie

    Our puppy — that was supposed to be “Kissy” — went home with Susan.  She fell in love with Laurie two weeks ago when she and Cheryl did the temperament testing of the litter.  Since I already have little Nola, I agreed to co-own Laurie with Susan and Cheryl.  So, you’ll be seeing photos and video courtesy of Cheryl, but the puppy won’t be here.  Susan also says she cannot herd with a dog named “Kissy”, it’s just too silly for herding. So, she will be called Lowri which is Welsh for Laurels.