Bring on the Company

February 5, 2011

We warmed up the meat grinder again today and stocked up provisions for the soon-to-be-visiting relatives.  Today’s concoction includes broccoli, carrots, beets (tops and all), garlic, meat from pork necks, chicken hearts/gizzards, and chicken thighs (great sale at Smiths Foods).  The hearts and gizzards cost only $.22/pound and the pork and chicken thighs were $.99/pound.  As always, the cost of the veggies is negligible.  This batch was 16-1/2 pounds of Happy Meals — Elyan style.  Cost of these meals — $15 for 16.5 pounds — pretty reasonable?

Piled up in the big tub

Six pound bags for when company’s here (two nights for seven dogs); smaller bags for when company goes home.


  1. Tony McGurk says:

    I was thinking it looked pretty good till I read hearts & gizzards. I’ll just leave it for the dogs

  2. Hay Missus Penni, I woz finking it looked prity good till I red brokolly. I’ll just leev it for the korgys

  3. Shelley says:

    I get a 20kg case of chicken backs for $16. To that I add a half dozen heads of romaine, a bag of apples, a bag of carrots, a couple of butternut squash, half a dozen zucchinis. Cost is about $30 for about 45 lbs of chicken “stew”.

  4. kaye says:

    Ok so I have a kitchenaid mixer, that doubles as a grinder, I couldn’t find the blade, but it really, really grinds bone? Still worried about that.

    (I ordered a new blade)