Let’s Begin February With Snow

February 1, 2011

We don’t usually have much snow, but this storm is definitely dumping on us.  At 8:00 the Schools and  the State Courts announced they were closed for the day.  It’s probably because it continues to snow steadily — and we are wimps compared to you mid-westerners and northerners!  I’m not complaining.  The Element will make it into the office if I decide to go — or I can stay home and get a little cleaning done — would rather go to the office!

Looking out the patio door

Dogs know what to do with it.

Of course, when they come back into the house, they are all wound up.  Nola is fearless and her big brother is indulgent.  Inca is disgusted with the entire spectacle.

Circle of Life (at least at my home)



  1. Builder Mama says:

    My Holmes, those are mighty big teeth you’ve got there!

  2. taryn says:

    Wow, Holmes’ coat is just gorgeous and super-shiny! That raw feeding sure does a great job.

    • myeye says:

      I think Holmes’ brindle is a beautiful mix of colors — and he has a deep rich coat anyway. I have no doubt that raw feeding makes it even more lush and shiny. He has no doubt that raw feeding is simply yummy. Dinner time for the dogs lasts for nano-seconds.

  3. sandy says:

    Oh…your’s won’t be the only story about snow today. “Storm of the Century” is what they are calling it now, with over 4500 flights cancelled today so far.

    And guess what!!! I have an Element now too! The new dogmobile has already gone to obedience class graduation with it’s special little traveler.