Like – – Timmy In the Well

February 25, 2011

Last night when I came home from work with a stop at the grocery store (one day sale on chicken thighs for $.79/lb), Inca was not there to greet me.  Holmes and little Nola were waiting at the gate to the kitchen, but no Inca.  I called her — no response.  I set down all my stuff.  All I could think of was the last time she didn’t meet me when I got home — and I found her bloody in the back yard.  “INCA!  Where are you?”  I pulled open the sliding patio door.  “INCA?”  Nothing!  The gate to the house yard was still locked.  Inca wasn’t behind the wood pile or the potting table.  I unlocked the gate and went out into the back-40.  INCA!!!  No dog.  Meanwhile Holmes and Nola are trotting along beside me as unconcerned as a pair of dogs could be.

Then I caught a flash of color at the edge of my vision.  Inca had managed to fall through the cover to the crawl space access under the house.  (Note to self — another thing to fix this weekend.)

Yep!  She slid through that little space

It’s deep enough that she couldn’t reach the edge with her paws

I lifted the entire top, which is pretty heavy.  I stood it up on its back end, and reached down to grab the Red Empress.  She wasn’t overly concerned because she knew I would rescue her at some point.  I think she had been down there long enough that Holmes and Nola were no longer worried.  No broken bones, no scrapes or cuts — just one dusty red girl.

So, I’ll measure the top and have Home Depot cut me a piece of plywood.  I think I still have roofing from the puppy pen.  What’s that you say?  Oh, yes.  It’s always something.


  1. Jean from NM says:

    Inca! So glad you found her and were able to pull her out. Silly red girl. Is your back OK?

  2. Cheryl says:

    Yup, welcome to life in the country! So glad that the Empress is okay! Very, very scary, I know! But how nice of her to point out a weakness in the homestead! Clever girl!

  3. Lani says:

    Glad to hear that you found Inca, and that she’s ok!

    I once lost my cat for five days when I was living in an old house in North Carolina. He just disappeared somewhere and I couldn’t find him anywhere. Looked around the neighborhood, put up signs, visited the shelter, etc. Then one day he just showed back up – inside the house. The only thing I can figure is that he got stuck in a closed-off-except-for-a-small-hole part of the basement — then somehow found his way back out.

    Animals sure do keep things lively!

  4. Builder Mama says:

    Poor Inca-Dink! She looks vaguely humiliated/unhappy, but otherwise unscathed.

    I hate to say it, but I bet Holmes and Nola were having a BIG time without The Queen watching their every move with obvious displeasure.

  5. DeAnn says:

    So glad you found G-Ma Inca. She was probably just trying to escape the stoopid puppies. LOL

  6. Taryn says:

    I bet Inca startled/surprised herself quite well when the surface fell through! Thank goodness she is OK.

  7. C-Myste says:

    Actually, I think that she is looking quite annoyed that it took you so long to come home and rescue her.

  8. Tony says:

    Goodness it’s a wonder she didn’t cut herself on those edges. She is one lucky girl not to have got hurt. I would be frantic if we got home to find Dixie missing like that.

  9. It certainly is “always something”!!!

    So glad all was well!

    When our study sofabed is pulled out, the top of the mattress doesn’t fit tightly against the back of the couch. There is room for a corgi-size dog to slip between — and then be trapped inside the couch, unable to get back up on the mattress.

    Ask me how I know……………..