Still Working on the Ears

February 24, 2011

Poor little Nola.  Turquoise is fast becoming her least favorite color.  However, we really need to get the left ear into its full, upright and locked position.  Is this not a pitiful looking baby puppy?


  1. Builder Mama says:

    She likes having a crown! She thinks it makes her look irresistable.

    Rufus had one ear that flopped down until he was about 7 months old. It finally came up on its own, but man was he a sad looking little character.

    She is such a pretty girl! That red is really coming through now, and what gorgeous eyes she has. I bet she doesn’t use them to her advantage at all, does she?

  2. DeAnn says:

    Come on Sister! Get those ears up! That way you can hear me barking at you from Washington! Luv, Smoochie

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Gosh, she looks like Jon Farleigh’s sisters. She must have Sam in her – those eyes!