Tennessee Puppy Party . . . and no Kissy in Albuquerque

February 12, 2011

These are the cutest puppies — and we had a great group of people to evaluate them.

Chase and his chillen’

Don’t think you can dump the kids off on me

Eyes right!

A tub of puppies

Yardican tongues

Chase is still after Scout — no luck

. . .  and here’s our Laurie

. . . and here’s our Susan making off with our Laurie

Our puppy — that was supposed to be “Kissy” — went home with Susan.  She fell in love with Laurie two weeks ago when she and Cheryl did the temperament testing of the litter.  Since I already have little Nola, I agreed to co-own Laurie with Susan and Cheryl.  So, you’ll be seeing photos and video courtesy of Cheryl, but the puppy won’t be here.  Susan also says she cannot herd with a dog named “Kissy”, it’s just too silly for herding. So, she will be called Lowri which is Welsh for Laurels.


  1. c-myste says:

    That is still one pretty puppy. Even if she’s staying back there with Susan she’s in the “family” and I’m happy.

  2. Jeri says:

    That Susan is sneaky!

    • Susan says:

      I may be sneaky, but Cheryl already has figured out what show will be her first one! She sighed that she would be two days too young for Asheville, but would be old enough for Waynesville.

      What a cute, cute puppy. Many, many thanks to Penni for letting me take her home!

  3. Builder Mama says:

    Aw, Lowri is such a pretty girl! I was so happy to see the surprise and happiness on Susan’s face!

    Penni, it was wonderful to finally meet you, and I’m so honored to get to raise one of your grandpups! Nick is in very, very good hands.

  4. Taryn says:

    Wow, that’s a quick change of plans! I guess having Nola made the decision a bit easier!

    I wish I could have been there, I bet it was so fun to see those pups and of course the people too 🙂

  5. myeye says:

    The decision-making really wasn’t that “quick”. We all had contingency plans because we had to wait for Scout’s breeder to make her pick (she was second). So Janet decided on Susan (now “Sally”), Susan (the human) had already told me she coveted Laurie. I would have been happy to bring Joanie to New Mexico — so we were waiting. Once Marla made a decision, everything fell into place. We even gave Lowri a shorter name so there would be room for all those herding titles on the end. She is “Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment”.

  6. That is so wonderful of you to let your puppy go home with her chosen person! Just think, all the joys of dog ownership, without cleaning the messes, or paying her entry fees! *g*