a March 8th, 2011

  1. How Cool Are These? ButtonsByBrenda

    March 8, 2011 by myeye

    A couple of months ago a Southwest Cardi person, Brenda Rojas, asked for some photos of Cardigans herding.  Well — we just happen to have the mega supply of Cheryl Kienast photos of Chase with sheep and Chase with ducks.  So, with Cheryl’s permission, we sent Brenda a bunch of photos.  Last night Brenda sent me an example of what she’s done with the photos.  The purse mirror (3″ diameter) has the photo on one side and the mirror on the other.  It comes in a cute little pouch that is clear plastic on one side and fabric on the other.  That way I can look in my purse and see Chase’s smiling face every day.  Brenda also makes buttons and porcelain plates.  Her company is ButtonsByBrenda.

    Is this not very cool?  Click to make it bigger.