a March 19th, 2011

  1. Saturdays Are For . . .

    March 19, 2011 by myeye

    . . . the STAR Class.  Nola loves her class.  Today all the teams sat in a circle on the floor and we each passed our puppy to the person on the right, who petted it and played with it — then we passed them on again.  The puppies visited all 12 class members.  Nola thought it was major fun.  I’m not really sure she wanted that last pass that landed her back in my lap.  She did downs today.  We did recalls, but Nola was not very successful.  Hawk-the-Vallhund’s G-Ma Bonnie was holding her while I went eight feet away.  Nola far preferred to stay with Bonnie than to come to me — even though I offer wonderful treats.  The dog is fickle!

    Apres Class — a pooped puppy

    While Nola and her pack snoozed, I ground up more Buddy Burgers.  Chicken thighs on sale for $.79/pound, pork loin for $1.49/pound, hearts and gizzards for $1.22/pound — then add $6.00 worth of apple, orange, squash, carrot, broccoli, and garlic — and we’re good for another three weeks of meals.  I’ve had my grinder for about four months.  It’s high time he had a name so it’s Bruno.  That sounds mighty enough to grind up meat and bones and veggies so the dogs can be happy and healthy, don’t you think?  By the way, one of the Walmarts in town sells chicken necks for $.68/pound, but packaged by the 1/2 pound.  A friend and I are trying to get them to sell them to us by the case — that would be a great savings and no sales tax because they consider the necks as people food.

    BUMMER!  The outcome of all the grinding and packaging is that I have enough food to last through April 17th — the day I return from Nationals.  Since I must go to the office on the following day, I’ll need one more session with Bruno to get the dogs through to the weekend of April 24th.