CWCCA National Specialty Entry Counts

March 14, 2011

Follow this link to see the numbers of entries in each class (except herding and tracking). for the week of April 9-16.  Lots of pretty dogs to watch!


  1. sandy says:

    Penni…question please: why are there two days of obedience and rally and obviously only one day of the conformation classes? Thanks!

    • myeye says:

      Saturday and Sunday are Herding, Sunday is Tracking, Monday and Tuesday are obedience, rally and agility trials. Tuesday night is the Megan which is a Champions-only conformation match, Wednesday is Puppy and Veterans Sweepstakes, Thursday is male classes and non-regular classes like veterans, stud dog/brood bitch, and Herding-Titled, Friday is bitch classes and Saturday is Best of Breed. It goes on for 8 days of which four are all conformation, plus the Tuesday-night Champions match. Go to The entire schedule is there. It is a marathon of dog events. There are also parades of title holders, therapy dogs, rescue dogs, educational seminars, dinners (3 of them), the annual meeting, auctions, raffles, and judging of Junior Showmanship. You’ll see when you go to Tucson.

      • DeAnn says:

        I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for asking the question and to Penni for clearing it up. What a huge schedule. Talk about ring conflicts if you are doing both conformation and performance. LOL I bet you’re exhausted after all of that!

        • myeye says:

          Nope! Nope! Nope! The first conformation event begins at 4:00 PM on Tuesday when all the companion/performance events are over. The only absolute conflict is between herding and tracking on Sunday, the 10th. If you are trying to do agility and rally and obedience, you will be scheduling pretty tightly though. They stagger the start times, but it’s difficult.