Photos From Cheryl

March 6, 2011

No herding this weekend.  It’s been raining in northeastern Tennessee since yesterday.  The beaver built a dam that caused Susan/Ron’s driveway to flood.  Besides who wants to be hosing off the Chaseman on a day that would be ideal for curling up with a book.  No — these photos are from the two CDs that Cheryl gave me at the puppy party for the Ocho a couple of weeks ago.  Today I had a chance to sit down with some chocolate chip cookies and look at all five hundred plus shots.  Cheryl takes wonderful pictures.  Anyway, there were four very dark photos that I was quite sure were Chase and Scout during their romantic week.  I ran them through PhotoShop to lighten then and — sure enough — there are the parents of the latest batch of baddogs.  These two really love one another.  I hope you’ll smile with me.


Down, but not out

Catch Me If You Can



  1. Builder Mama says:

    I guess I’ll have to wait until Nick is a little older to show him these risque photos….

  2. janet says:

    Is she a little hussy or what??

  3. Susan says:

    Look at his grin as he is playing with that hot redhead. They were having a blast!