Soggy Sheep – First Leg

March 26, 2011

Chase, Kearney, Treasure, Lowri, Susan and Cheryl are in Cumming Georgia for an all breed herding trial (sheep only).  It is raining and thundering and lightninging.  The sheep want to be in their pens, and not be pushed around by some stoopid dogs.  The trial was stopped during lightning/thunder episodes and folks sat in their cars for safety.  When all but the Test classes were done, Cheryl and Susan called me.  Kearney was HIT from the intermediate class (that’s his third HIT at an all-breed trial).  Chase was 2nd in Started with an 86 (not bad considering it’s his first trial and the weather is atrocious).  The dog that was 1st in the Started Class is a German Shepherd that trains at the facility hosting the trial.  She earned 89, was RHIT, and finished her Started title today.

The forecast for tomorrow is not any better, but my theory is if the Chaseman can push the sheep through the Y and the Z and cover them when they break for the pen, in this weather, he is a herding dog.  I haven’t heard yet if Treasure earned a leg on her HT — she is is standing heat so, let’s add one more variable to her attempt.  That’s a big variable for Chase and Kearney as well.  Little Lowri is there as OWG in training — you don’t know about OWG?  Chase and his kids are Official Walmart Greeters (that would be OWG).  Lowri always thinks she is having a great time!

More news later or tomorrow — one leg down, two to go.


  1. Lani says:

    Way to go, Chase! Herding in real Welsh weather – even better!

  2. Janet says:

    Congrats! I got up with intentions of going down to watch. When it started hailing just as I got the dogs back in, I crawled back in bed and pulled the covers over my head. Maybe tomorrow!

  3. Builder Mama says:

    Ugh, it sounds like there was all kinds of weather nastiness…but everyone did a great job!