STAR Puppy

March 5, 2011

Today our little Nola began her STAR puppy class.  I was so proud of her.  At 4-1/2 months, she acted like she had been attending classes forever.  She marched right in, gave an Aussie hell, told the Vizsla he was cute, and then went to work on the instructors.  The girl is no dummy.  Hawk-The-Vallhund’s G-Ma Bonnie is one of the instructors.  Some of you may remember that Bonnie was Chase’s ride back from Topeka when he completed his Championship.  Bonnie is the person that dubbed him “The Flower Child in a Dogsuit”.  Today she declared Nola is another one.  Nola rewarded her with rapt attention and lots of puppy kisses.  When the class was over Bonnie asked if I was sure I wanted to take Nola home.  One of these days she’s going to break down and get a Cardi (she has Vallhund and Aussies).

Nola played the attention games (and why wouldn’t she?  There are treats involved), she trotted on lead, sat and stood for treats.  She wagged for everyone.  Such a cute red baby.  Daddy would be proud of her.  I certainly was (once I recovered from the shock brought on by her behaving well).

Adrienne’s here and we just returned home from getting manicures — having a granddaughter is really fun.  I learned that she was awarded a scholarship to the 5th grade summer program at the Albuquerque Academy.  It gives her a chance to obtain a scholarship to attend the Academy as a regular student.  That would be an amazing opportunity.  Go, Adrienne!


  1. Susan says:

    Congrats on having such a STAR. She is a cute puppy.

  2. Builder Mama says:

    Oh yes, Nola is a great ambassador for the breed! I had thought about getting a Vallhund a while back, but Cardis have my heart forever.

    Congratulations to Adrienne! That is a great accomplishment. I bet she is smart like her grandmother. 🙂