This Is An Infommercial From the Baddogs

March 10, 2011

When DeAnn and her mom came to pick up the Smooch, they brought the Baddogs some all natural treats called “Liver Lips”.  To a dog there was cheering when I handed some out.  I immediately ordered three of the largest bags Four Paws Barkery makes.  They arrived promptly and are stored in a giant plastic bag in the dog freezer.  I refill the small bag that DeAnn brought.  Rattling that bag results in three perfectly straight sits and smiles — you would not believe the smiles!

So, after being assured there were plenty of treats to go around, the Baddogs asked me to give you a little information about the makers of these splendid training treats.  This is what Tracy told me when I asked her how this all got started:

4 Paws Barkery, located in the Pacific Northwest, is dedicated to providing our canine friends with wholesome, all-natural dog treats.  Tracy Hill, Pack Leader, and Gail Clark, PACKaging Leader, created the company to serve a need that many “dog people” search for: treats that have ingredients you can actually pronounce! The paw-crafted, pup-approved treats contain simple, people-quality ingredients with no added sugar, salt or yucky preservatives.

Tracy’s primary taste testers, Cammie (a 12 year old lab mix) and Jake (a 3 ½ year old Husky mix), have willingly given their time and talents to the business. Of course, they do receive excellent benefits!  Cammie and Jake have approved flavors that will please even the pickiest pooch! Choose from Sniffer Snaps, Mo’Lassies Wild Oats, Cammie’s Carob Chews, Cheesy Garlic Growlers, or Bow WOW Banana Bites.  Especially popular is the training treat line: Liver Lips, Open Sez Me, and Just the Flax.  (Baddogs say, “Yes, indeedy!”)

4 Paws Barkery also creates bountiful bowls for any celebration ~ they definitely make tails wag!

Visit the website:

Healthy Treats. Happy Dogs.


There will be a Treat Bowl in the Performance Auction at the National Specialty on April 11th — I’ll be bidding — my dogs all chipped in their allowances!


  1. DeAnn says:

    Our dogs love them. Our older CWC, Poppy, is very picky about treats and she will do just about anything for a Liver Lip! They’re a crunchy treat but the store well and don’t make your pocket all greasy and smelly!

    Oh, by the way. The Cheesy Garlic Growlers smell so good you can’t help but want to taste them yourself. 😉 My horses love the Sniffer Snaps. We call them nicker snaps. LOL

  2. Builder Mama says:

    Looks like we’ll be ordering some Liver Lips too for our baddogs! Rufus would be all over those.

  3. Traci says:

    Ahhhh – i think these are the treats that Kota swiped from Carolyn and Tom’s crew.
    Thanks for providing a link – now Kota can repay his dog family in OR…. (stupid garbage gut dog!!)