a April 2nd, 2011

  1. Holmes’ Night Out

    April 2, 2011 by myeye

    I signed Holmes and me up for a handling class.  We went to class tonight and I am now feeling terribly guilty.  I’ve not done anything with Holmes since I moved out here.  He was in a Beginning Novice class at the time we moved, but with the drive and all the “stuff” that needed to be unpacked, we didn’t finish the class.  He also had dived head first into a terrible case of the fuglies — he was a brindle tube with all his parts askew.  Tonight I gathered up the training bag and my purse, pulled out an orange kennel loop, and he went crazy.  He was begging to be the one to go — and he was.  It was Holmes’ turn.  He tore into the building like the devil was after him and began making the rounds.  Ellen Gerwin has a Pem girl in the class.  Holmes was smitten.  He cleaned the instructor’s face.  Holmes was dancing.  It should not have been so long, especially since going to the Club makes him so very happy.  At the end of class Ellen took a photo of Holmes.  He is now 18-1/2 months old, back to looking like a recognizable breed (ungroomed, but recognizable).  What a funny baby he is.

  2. April Calendar Page

    April 2, 2011 by myeye

    Here is the calendar photo for April — yep!  Chase is going to Ducktown at Hempstead Texas — hopefully he’ll earn two Started Duck legs and finish his Started Sheep title.  I love turning the page each month to see what Cheryl came up with.  I could never get tired of this calendar.

    For the mundane — Mike came over today and fixed and put together all the things on my huge list.  I may now empty some more boxes because there are book shelves.  He repaired a couple of the outer windows, hooked up the swamp cooler — whoo hoo!  Progress!

    Holmes and I are taking a handling class together starting this evening.  He was so dusty that I gave him a bath.  He doesn’t like the bath part particularly, but he loves being dried — funny boy.  When I picked him up to put him in the tub, the thought crossed my mind that I might have trouble lifting him on the table.  Holmes is one hefty boy — handsome, but hefty.  I think he’ll enjoy going to class though.  He’s missed the activity.