a April 12th, 2011

  1. Best Brindle In The Megan Match

    April 12, 2011 by myeye

    What an amazing night!  I am in Houston at the Cardigan National Specialty.  We already had the great good fortune of Chase finishing his Herding Started Sheep Title in three straight trials, and a fourth leg for the heck of it, showing off his skills with Susan Shields.  Tonight we had our Champions-only match and Chase, with Lauren McIlwraith at the helm, was BEST BRINDLE DOG.  That was a class of 16 dogs, including at least one Best in Show winner.  He looked splendid, had a wonderful time with Lauren.  I thought I had reached the zenith when Chase and his littermate Pilot both made the final six dogs in that class.  When Chase was selected as Best Brindle dog, I couldn’t even breathe.  What an honor!

    So, we are having a glass of wine (Chase and Pilot’s breeders Carolyn Cannon and Mandy Katasse, and Dixie Rae, the handler that helped by taking Chase back in for the finals), I’m answering three million or so email — I don’t think I’ve had so much wine that I can’t do that.

    Next up: Chase will be in the Herding Titled Class.  If he wins that class, he will move on to Best of Breed.  Think good thoughts for our happy boy.

    As for me — Whoo Hoo!

  2. Eau De Stock Tank

    April 12, 2011 by myeye

    We are safely ensconced in a hotel room at the Sheraton North in Houston.  Last night was the performance dinner with a nice silent auction.  I won two cute crate pads and am trying to decide which baddogs will get them — it will NOT be Holmes who destroys crate pads with a vengeance.   Tonight is the Megan Champions-only match.  Yesterday morning we had a judge change.  Cindi Bossi’s parents are ill and she went home so Shelley Camm will be part of the judging panel.

    I am going to find Sherri Hurst and Lauren McIlwraith so they can groom Chase for the Megan.  To keep cool, he had several nice dips in the stock tank at the herding site.  The result of the dunks and then air-drying is that he has bed head all over his body.  He is definitely now a grooming challenge.  On the other hand, he is happy and upbeat, had a great weekend doing what he loves.

    Baby Lowri spent two night with G’Mas Penni and Carolyn and her Auntie Mandy.  She has had a blast chewing on her Daddy and playing on the big bed with me.  Every time we go outside, she’s tickled and talked to — people comment on her giant feet and pretty expression.  She’s such a people-puppy — I love watching her react to their advances.  TM will be back today and will reclaim the baby.  I don’t think she is irreparably spoiled.