a April 23rd, 2011

  1. Resuming Normalcy — Whatever THAT Is

    April 23, 2011 by myeye

    All week I have been in witness interviews for the murder trial.  It’s lucky we record them because I reach a point at which I do not know who said what.  My poor dogs have been a bit neglected because when I come home, I feed them and then fall on the couch in an allergic stupor.  So, we pulled ourselves together today.  First Holmes, Nola, and I went to see Dr. Donnie.  They both received the first of the canine influenza two-shot series.  Nola received her rabies inoculation and Holmes got hisProGard.  ProGard is a heartworm shot that lasts for six months.  It’s the same cost as the monthly pills, but I don’t have to remember to give them.

    Then Ms. Nola and I drove into Albuquerque and attended the STAR puppy class at our training club.  She’s such a happy girl — loves to show off.  STAR graduation is next Saturday.  We have no conformation drill tomorrow, but next Sunday she is going in for a crash course to get her ready for the Rio Grande Kennel Club and Coronado Kennel Club Show Cluster May 14 through 17.  She needs some hands-on by other folks — looking at her mouth and tickling her ribs.  This will be her debut and I want her at least slightly under control.  Tonight Holmes and I went back into town, back to the club, for our handling class.  He is a joyful boy who loves the attention.  Tonight he learned to catch treats — he was awfully proud of himself.  He is still in love with Ellen Gerwin’s Pem girl, but Ellen still insists “It’s not going to happen!!!”

    I ordered a DM test for Nola (since Leidy was not tested) and am going to order the ee (pink) test for Holmes and Nola as well as PRA and  coat length tests.  At some point I will be making breeding decisions about them both and I need all the information I can gather.  I look at each test as two entry fees.  If I’d spend that money so a couple of judge can spend 2 minutes each looking at my dog, I should be able to spend that amount of money to predict what they will and will not produce if bred.

    Yesterday Chase sent a gift box to a pretty girl in Texas.  More about that when we have something positive to report.  Chaser is always happy to oblige.

    The Dink is getting ready for her 9th birthday the end of May.  She doesn’t look much older than when she came to live here (at least to me).  She’s happy being the queen, telling Nola all the things she’s not allowed to do, and taking toys away from both Nola and Holmes.  When I see Nola and Inca sprawled out together, I am struck by their similarities.  Gramma and Granddaughter have much in common.

    This has been Earth weekend.  Because of the high winds during the week I was in Houston, EVERYTHING in the house is covered with dust.  Vacuuming is not the way in which I would choose to commemorate earth day, but it is certainly a sign of normalcy.