April Calendar Page

April 2, 2011

Here is the calendar photo for April — yep!  Chase is going to Ducktown at Hempstead Texas — hopefully he’ll earn two Started Duck legs and finish his Started Sheep title.  I love turning the page each month to see what Cheryl came up with.  I could never get tired of this calendar.

For the mundane — Mike came over today and fixed and put together all the things on my huge list.  I may now empty some more boxes because there are book shelves.  He repaired a couple of the outer windows, hooked up the swamp cooler — whoo hoo!  Progress!

Holmes and I are taking a handling class together starting this evening.  He was so dusty that I gave him a bath.  He doesn’t like the bath part particularly, but he loves being dried — funny boy.  When I picked him up to put him in the tub, the thought crossed my mind that I might have trouble lifting him on the table.  Holmes is one hefty boy — handsome, but hefty.  I think he’ll enjoy going to class though.  He’s missed the activity.