Easter in Tennessee — or It’s A Dog’s Life

April 24, 2011

Cheryl filled little plastic eggs with dog treats, but left some empty.  The eggs were scattered around the yard for Chase, Treasure and Monroe to find, open, and enjoy.  Chase, with his tracking background knew immediately what to look for (and what to do with them).  He bypassed the empty eggs.  Monroe caught on.  Treasure thought Chase would do the heavy lifting and then share.  She might have come up with a better plan.

More egg hunting:

More to it though. Chase was scheduled to begin Round II of his herding training. It’s time to learn to drive the sheep for Intermediate and Advanced herding work. This is his first lesson.

The egg hunt continued at Papa Ron’s and TM’s. Visit lowrinkearney’s blog tomorrow for more photos. To tide you over, here is a photo of Lowri finding the Easter bunny — a hint: she took him on and won the battle.


  1. Cheryl says:

    It was so much fun! Chase has a nose and a half on him! Also, he understood the game immediately! Treasure understood that Chase would find stuff that she could then capitalize on! Monroe figured it out and struck out on her own to get to the more remote locations and eat all the goodies she found all by herself! No sharing by her!

    I gathered up the eggs and re-filled them to go to Ron and Susan’s where we did another hunt for the dogs living there–plus Treasure. They had a blast, but no one was as good at finding them until we let Ron’s Vizsla join in. He was AWESOME! Lowri QUICKLY figured out the best game was to run inbetween the Vizsla’s feet and snatch up the goodies as he opened the eggs. No slow learner there!

  2. Carol Teal says:

    Nearly died laughing at the end of the first video! “Oh, Munroe, ya peed on it!”

  3. Tony McGurk says:

    Chase is getting very good at the sheep herding. A bit over eager at times when told to stop but still very good. Dixie would either run away from the big white fluffy critters or chase them & scatter them everywhere