Smooch Checking In

April 3, 2011

Smooch is in the best home ever.  She gets to go and do with DeAnn and Rich.  I’m just going to let you read what DeAnn has to say about our little brindle brat.  My favorite is that she was removed from the gallery at the herding trail for being obnoxious — now how can that be? 🙂

Hi Penni,

Smooch had been a dream traveler these past two weeks! She went to her first agility trial last week (stayed in the trailer) and this week, went to her first herding trial (stayed in a HOTEL!!). She was great!
She had a blast with the other dogs in our club that were at the agility trial, we all got together and did an impromptu dog park. Everyone had a blast! Very tired puppies. She also got to “herd” a wayward pigeon out of the agility arena. Whoo hoo! was that fun!
She and Poppy traveled to Spokane to a AHBA trial where they met both sheep and ducks! Poppy got to actually “herd” the sheep and ducks but Smooch got to watch and boy was she interested (she kept cussing out a Border Collie that kept getting too rough with the sheep) That’ll do… She had to be removed from the gallery for ‘obnoxious” behavior. She’s going to be so much fun.
I asked Rich to take some photos… not quite show quality photos, but we’re pretty tickled about her looks and temperament. Once again, she was the center of attention at both trial sites.
I’ve got some better agility trial photos coming… this one cracked me up because she was doing a Sammi imitation Woo Woo at me. Very sassy! Love it!

De (and Smooch who is asleep at my feet) *sigh* Life is Good!

PS: Poppy got her HTC today. We had a great time. Now if we could only find a herding group less than 3 hours away!

Isn’t she a cute girl?


  1. Builder Mama says:

    Smoocher! So glad she’s having a wonderful time, she is such a smart and sweet girl!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Smoocher! Humm, imagine somebody thinking you were being obnoxious! The nerve! You were just trying to tell that BC it was working all WRONG! What with crouching down and trying to look like a Cardi! I bet you had the bestest fun EVER!