Testing Time, Waiting Time, Planting Time, Practice Time

April 27, 2011

VetGen DNA laboratory is running a CWCCA special through April for PRA testing.  I decided to run the test on both Holmes and Nola — every couple of generations, I don’t want to rely on “line-cleared” and decide to actually submit DNA.  Though Chase tested clear for PRA, the mothers were line-cleared rather than tested.  So I ordered two PRA kits (and the half-price OFA reporting fee as well).  Since I’m at it, I took advantage of DDC’s “buy one test, second test is $20” special, and ordered the tests for the ee/pink dilute and for coat length.  Finally, I ordered a DM test for Nola.  Both of Holmes’ parents have tested clear, but we don’t know about Leidy.  At some point I will be making decisions about both of these youngsters.  It helps if I know as much as I can about what is hiding in their genetic make-up.  Once those tests are submitted, we are cool until Holmes is two (permanent OFA films) and Nola turns one (preliminary OFA films).

I am (not so patiently) waiting for the National Specialty photos to be posted at Patricia Witter’s site.  She has photos up through the regular dog classes.  Since I had to wait to sit (stand) for photos until Lauren returned from taking her exam, we are in the last group of photos from the last day.  The “Megan – Best Brindle Dog” was such a wonderful surprise, that I am all the more eager to see the photo.  Then I can pinch myself and be certain it really occurred.  In addition to that, the Bulletin deadline (May 15th) is really dependent upon people receiving their National Specialty photos.  I can already feel deadlines being shoved back.

The wind continues to blow and the dust continues to filter into the house.  I have organized the planting of my meadow for next week.  I ordered 15 pounds of dry area wildflower seeds.  The disking will be a horrible mess, but once the seed is down and the erosion blankets are rolled out on top of it, the dust supply should diminish considerably.  Then we’ll just need some rain — PLEASE!

Sunday there is a puppy match and little Nola needs to go.  Although she will be a STAR Puppy graduate on Saturday, she hasn’t much experience trotting with a group of dogs and having someone look at her mouth while she’s standing still on the table.  It ought to be a hoot!  She’s entered in her first shows May 14th through 17th.


  1. C-Myste says:

    Getting the back planted should be a big help.

    I’ve also been eagerly awaiting the rest of the pictures from nationals to be up. I’ve been checking several times per day (and already checked this morning).

    And I’m also interested in the results of the pink test. I know that it went Inky -> Klark -> Krissy but don’t know -> Stratus -> Leidy.

  2. DeAnn says:

    Whew! That’s a whole lota testin’ goin’ on… Good luck with all of it?

    I can’t wait to see how the wild flower Back 40 looks… I might try that with some of our dryer areas. Have to check to see if any of the flowers are toxic to horses.

    Smooch passed both her STAR and CGC tests the same night. Nola will ace the test, we’re sure!

  3. Kathy Gibson says:

    Kim and I will gladly send the abundance of rainfall and river flooding we are experiencing in eastern Iowa!