Thursday In Houston — Yippee Some More

April 14, 2011

Today our Chaseman won the Herding Titled Class so he’s off to Best of Breed on Saturday.  He is building quite a fan base — people who are smitten by his happy attitude (and a few who just want his body).  His little girl, Lowri is winning friends as well.  She is just so very cute and well behaved.  She sits in Susan’s lap at ringside and watches EVERYTHING.  If she had thumbs, she would be taking notes.  Any number of people have commented on her lovely bone, color, dark eyes, and splendid side gait.  Speaking of gates, there was a raffle tonight and I put all my tickets on two items.  One was a sign that said “Shut The Damn Gate”.  That seemed like it belonged in my back yard — but, alas — I never win raffles.

The prizes are laser cut steel thingys — like light switch covers.  The Herding Titled Class first prize was a pair of bookends, but in my joyous stupor, I tried to return one — “Oh,” I said to the prize person, “you gave me two prizes.”  She kindly said, “they are bookends”.  Well . . . I guess I was excited.  Chase has a day off tomorrow so I’m going to find an office supply store to get a box for the health basket that we are auctioning off and I’m going to get a flat rate priority box to send the prizes back to Albuquerque — they’re very heavy.  It’s a nice problem to have.


  1. Builder Mama says:

    I bet Chaseman is having a blast! Nick reminded me so much of him last night – he would run up, do one of his “fly by” jumps up at my thighs, then run off. 🙂 He is his daddy’s son!

    Congratulations again! Go Chase Go!

  2. s says:

    It sure is fun reading about people from “the blogs” winning stuff at the big show. You go, Chase!!!

  3. It was so much fun to watch the Megan video and see Chase come into the ring! I recognized him immediately. 🙂

    So much more fun, watching from afar, when I “know” a bunch of the dogs!


    Hoping you get more and more prizes! 🙂

  4. Taryn says:

    WooHoo! Chase is on a roll! I will be pulling for you/him in BoB!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  5. Jean from NM says:

    What a phenomenal week you and the Chaseman are having! Congratulations! I’ll be thinking of you on Saturday. Oh, and if you want to send the box to my address here in NM, I’ll be happy to keep the prizes for you. I have books that could make them look good! 🙂

  6. Janet says:

    Congrats again! You must be having a ball,

  7. DeAnn says:

    Wow, how great is that? Lot’s of Chase family members cleaning up! Roll on Team Chase… All that and puppy kisses… life is good!

  8. Ashley says:

    Congrats to the Chaser!!! What an honor. =] All that heavy mail…that IS a nice problem to have. hehe