Trying To Get It Together

April 6, 2011

My flight to Houston leaves at 8:45 on Friday morning.  It takes 1/2 hour to get to the airport, so I should leave at 7:30.  But I just don’t have it together — I’m trying.  First there was the fanny pack.  I have one — it’s roomy and has lots of pockets BUT I cannot find it.  It must still be in a box somewhere.  I have obsessed over the whereabouts of the fanny pack for weeks.  Finally, yesterday, I bought a new one.  It’s really nice and comfy, and will hold lots of stuff.  I’m very relieved.  Tonight I must get Bruno out and make a batch of Buddy Burgers for my buddies.  They have enough food to last until the day I get home, but I’d really like another week’s supply in the freezer.  Then last night the Swamp cooler clunked and stopped blowing cool air.  I can’t leave the house/dog sitter without cooling (or the dogs either).  So tomorrow evening Mike is coming over to fix it.  I’ll probably have to “run” into town to buy a belt.

How much stuff do I need for 9 days?  I stopped by the storage unit and pulled out the tracking bag to rescue the pull-on boot skins and the plastic poncho.  They are very compact.  I don’t plan to show any dogs, but should take dress pants and top and jacket in case EVERYTHING goes to hell in a handbasket.  Since I’m sharing a room and must be prepared to run out with a dog or puppy, I need jamas that are not revealing.  You just cannot unsee that!  Jeans — three pair of jeans and two pair of linen pants and one drawstring knit pants — something will be worn more than once — oh well.

Tops are the hardest.  You know it will be humid outside, but freezing inside.  I think I should take shells, and shirts to wear over them.  Someone will be selling cool sweatshirts and if the shell and shirt aren’t enough, then I’ll get a sweatshirt.  Then there’s the camera, the computer, Mills (the Kindle), purse (and the fanny pack), toiletries, underwear, socks and stockings.  I have lots of paperwork.  I have two hotels worth of stuff, airline reservations, two auction basket lists, gift certificates for one of the baskets, cellophane, pawprint ribbon.

Plus, the house needs to be vacuumed.  I’ve not done it since we have the huge sandstorms last Sunday.  Okay, I’m not going to type anymore.  I’m going to go do something constructive because tomorrow is a full day at the office.


  1. Genie says:

    Penni, it sounds like you are being run ragged! Try to stay calm and everything will fall into place. Have a good time. Wish I were going.

  2. Jean from NM says:

    Oh, Penni, there’s no sense running the vacuum. You know the wind is going to blow again tomorrow so why bother? Besides, is his house vacuumed? I think not — not in springtime in NM. Have a GREAT trip.

  3. c-myste says:

    Did I mention that my plane leaves at 6? Guess I’ll be leaving the house at 4:30!
    And finish packing tomorrow after work

    Trying not to stress about it.

  4. Builder Mama says:

    Queen of Overpacking here…I try and pack layers and stuff that coordinates so I can mix and match. I also use the laundry service if I get really desperate for clean clothes! I can’t imagine hauling all that other stuff…yikes!

    Have fun Penni! Tell everyone that The Boyz and I said hi. Janet and Dina have already suggested that we come next year, so I need to mark it on my calendar!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Penni, I promise you that Houston has a store for anythng you don’t pack but think you need. From PERSONAL experience, I have had to purchase everything like underwear and nightgowns in places like podunk Georgia and Mexico. You can buy stuff ANYWHERE you go which you may forget, so no worries! Have fun at herding. I’ll join you guys late Wednesday afternoon!

  6. Taryn says:

    Egads! That sounds like alot of stuff for one person to try lugging along. I’m a very light packer so it sounds overwhelming…..

  7. Jinnie says:

    Ha Ha, have fun with all that, I leave work in two hours, have a short list which includes stopping for Propane for the RV and of course loading dogs. Safe travels.