a May 8th, 2011

  1. Containing Naughty Nola – Video Added

    May 8, 2011 by myeye

    I’ve been waiting all day with my video camera at the ready.  I must show you how Nola continues to get through the wrought iron fence.

    On Wednesday there will be worker-guys in the back yard with a tractor.  They will be disking the back part of the property, broadcasting the “dry area” wildflower seeds and then covering them with shredded aspen erosion pads.  Since Nola has continued to sneak out of the inner yard, yesterday I put poultry fencing along the bottom 18″ of the fence, wired it in place.  I don’t want her to get disked or broadcast, and I sure do not want her to meet the erosion pads.  Last evening I stepped out onto the patio.  Holmes and Inca were there, but Nola was missing.  She came galloping up to the wrought iron fence — how the heck did she get out there?

    Time to come back in for dinner.  She flipped herself sideways — looked just like Rocky the Flying Squirrel or one of the “Road Kill” dog toys — flattened out her body, legs spread — and put the front part of her body through a very small opening on which I had not placed poultry netting.  She then kicked off with one back foot, flattened the back half of her body with her hind legs spread to the sides, and launched her rear end through the little opening.  It was amazing (not to mention frustrating).  If this puppy does not make it as a show dog, she certainly has a future in agility.  I knew keeping a red girl was going to be challenging.  Perhaps DeAnn would like to trade 🙂

    Video if I catch her in the act a second time.

    It’s short.  It was getting dark.  Holmes was in the way.  It’s a glimpse of Nola shaking her rear, doing her little hop, and squeezing through the fence.  Tomorrow her great escape will have ended because the fence will be closed off.  It’s all good — she’ll think of something new to try.  Naughty Nola!