a May 14th, 2011

  1. Long Show Weekend – Day 1

    May 14, 2011 by myeye

    The bad news is that one bitch was absent so our major broke.  She won’t be here tomorrow either — so no major tomorrow, but she wasn’t entered on Monday — a different bitch is, so we do have the major Monday, Tuesday and then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Durango.

    The rest of the show was A-OK.  Holmes was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 2 more points.  He looks like a real Cardigan again and showed well.  I’m happy because I think he is such a handsome boy.

    Little Nola?  Now that was a trip.  I took the dogs to the show site on Friday afternoon.  Wendy bathed and groomed Holmes and I walked around with Nola to acclimate/de-sensitize her.  She thought she had died and gone to heaven — all the people, all the dogs, all the treats.  Leap, cavort, beg, lick, bark, munch.  No fear!  Today, she was so very happy both in and out of the ring.  I had a moment to talk with Jim Reynolds after he judged Cardigans and he said she had beautiful structure, but he was never able to see her move.  She was 3rd of 3 and deserved to be 4th.  She danced, only two feet on the ground at a time — sometimes only one, waving that pretty tail in the air like a flag.  Wendy thinks she’s wonderful anyway.  I’m just hoping that by Monday she’s in the dog show groove and understands that she is to trot on command.  It was an 8:00 AM ring time.  Tomorrow is 12:30 — perhaps naughty Nola will be tired out by time to show.