a May 21st, 2011

  1. All We Need Now Is The Photo

    May 21, 2011 by myeye

    Holmes finished his Championship today at the Durango Kennel Club (2) under Judge Houston Clark as WD/BOW/BOS.  Henceforth he shall be known as CHAMPION C-Myste The Game’s Afoot At Elyan.  We will move him up tomorrow so the other male(s) have the opportunity for the cross-over major.  We had a “Major” photo taken in Albuquerque with Nancy Simmonds and a “New Champion” photo today with Houston Clark.  Hopefully one of them will be nice — you can bet your boots I will post them.  Holmes earned two points last summer from the puppy classes at the Colorado Springs Shows, then four points last weekend (when the major broke), a Major on Tuesday, and Majors yesterday and today.

    Holmes is the first of Chase’s children to finish though there are three other kids close behind.  Holmes is Phoebe’s fourth champion child.  She needs two more points for her ROMb — we’ll see what we can add.

    Happy dance!

  2. Implements

    May 21, 2011 by myeye

    While I’m waiting for news from up north (Cardis probably don’t show until after 2:00), I decided to try out my Mothers’ Day presents (to myself).  My kids would NEVER buy me something this useful.  They get me “stuff” that sits around and gets dusty or gift cards to restaurants (those are okay).  I’ve come full circle.  I remember being annoyed when I was gifted with something that plugged in or belonged in the kitchen.  Times change.  Since I’ve been creating raw dog food, I’ve learned there were some issues that needed to be addressed.  Cutting through bone has been an issue and the shears I had made blisters on my forefinger.  So, I ordered a cleaver — heavy, but well-balanced, and a nice pair of poultry shears.  Amazon, I love you!  Having the right tools slashed 45 minutes from the preparation time for a 26# batch of dog food.  Even better, I have no blisters or other injuries.  These items and a big spoon are all I need.