a May 29th, 2011


    May 29, 2011 by myeye

    I did toenails and trimmed feet today.  Holmes and Nola are going to Colorado Springs in two weeks and I want their pretty feet to be obvious (you know, in case the judge has a foot fetish).   I’ll do them again next weekend and then just before we leave on the 10th.  When I flipped Nola on her back up on the counter, I realized my little baby is in season.  She just turned seven months old and I know that’s not abnormal, but I was hoping she would hold off until she was — like — maybe — two years old.  Sigh!  I just hope she’s not like her mom who comes into season every four months no matter what.  The last time someone was at our house and in season was when Leidy was here to be bred to Chase.  I had to put Holmes in a crate in the bathroom with the door closed because he wailed and howled for nearly a week.  He’s going to get to do that again this time because Nola is a mite young for puppies.

    On the bright side:  their feet look mahvelous, dahling.