a June 2nd, 2011

  1. The Great Cable Outage of 2011

    June 2, 2011 by myeye

    I never had cable until I moved out here to the hinterlands.  In Los Lunas, you may get telephone from Qwest and internet from Wild Blue or Dish and Television from Comcast, or you may get it all from Comcast.  Since I’m all for simplifying my life, I opted for the one stop deal.  It is less expensive than having three providers, the phone clarity has been great, and the internet is REALLY high speed — until last night.  When I got home from work around 8 pm (I’d been working on the Bulletin), the cable was out.  That meant nothing but the iPhone and the Kindle were working.  I checked on Dolly and saw she’d had eight puppies (four boys and four girls), then rolled up my sleeves and — much to the delight of the four-leggeds — ground up 29+ pounds of dog food.  We are now stocked up for a while.

    The next couple of days are “Court days” and trying to finish off the ads for the Bulletin.  The weekend will be the Bulletin and herding and house work.  Next week, my Dateline interview is scheduled — I am not much of a “public face” person so am not looking forward to that.  At least the herding should result in some photos for this boring blog.