a June 5th, 2011

  1. A Herding We Will Go

    June 5, 2011 by myeye

    I promised Holmes that when he completed his Championship, he could do fun stuff.  Even though AKC hasn’t officially posted his status, I can count and he is finished.  So, today we trekked up to Edgewood (about 55 miles each way from my house) and met up with Corgi-herder Ellen Gerwin.  This was all about instinct and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.  I will say it was blistering hot.  The ground was so hot that I thought Holmes had picked up a sticker, or two, because he was limping.  He seemed to forget about the serious case of hot foot once he saw the sheep family.

    Holmes’ first sight of sheep on the move:

    Second part of the first run

    Then Holmes went and stood on the grass and Ellen turned on the hose to cool his feet — that ground was so hot. Once half his tongue was back in his mouth, we headed to the pen for round 2:

    Always leave ’em laughing. Ellen stopped Holmes in the second run while he still wanted to play:

    So — here’s the plan. Holmes and I are both going to take lessons from Ellen — but not together (at first). Ellen will work with Holmes and I will work with Ellen’s Herding Champion. Hopefully both Holmes and I will learn to do some things right independently. After a few weeks, he and I will begin working together to get ready for the August trial in Colorado. I hope you enjoy these videos of Holmes-puppy doing what he was bred to do — and doing it so happily.

  2. DeAnn and Smooch – 1st Point

    June 5, 2011 by myeye

    Smoochie and DeAnn were Best of Winners today for Smooch’s First Point.  Photo coming!  Good job — both of you.

    Smooch is a Chase/Leidy daughter.  “Elyan The Evening Echo of C-Myste”