Chase, Walk Up, Steady and The Chase Face

June 27, 2011

After all the “STOP” lessons, Chase had a chance to prove that he was paying attention.  This is how a good dog moves sheep to market.

. . . and who has the Chase face?


  1. susan says:

    He is such a good boy! And that face thing, you should see them together. Thank God, Chase has a wide blaze!

  2. DeAnn says:

    Wow, that was amazing! Great work Chase and team. I *heart* Lowri. What a beautiful girl. Can’t wait to see her light up the ring. Both in conformation and herding!

  3. Builder Mama says:

    Good boy, Chaser! I love watching that boy work.

    Lowri is definitely her daddy’s daughter – what an amazing resemblance! Nick has that huge white blaze on him, but overall looks wise he’s a good mix of Scout and Chase. Personality-wise…I’m still trying to figure that one out!

    • Cheryl says:

      Well, personality wise, I think that Chase and Scout are very similar in a lot of ways–high energy, love of fun! Don’t know there are strangers, etc. Oh, yes, and LOTS of drive for herding! Really, a match made in doggy heaven.