Nearly Time for the Ditchas To Arrive

June 15, 2011

Ditto (CH Coedwig’s Dejavu) is muy embarazada.  Poor girl.  Chase is off having a great time herding sheep and ducks — totally unaware of Ditto’s plight.  Darned guys!  This is the pedigree for the puppies due around June 22nd.  This is how poor little Ditto looks these days, though she’s being a good sport about the inconvenience of hauling around seven or eight puppies (x-ray showed a very tightly packed bundle).

There should be a puppy party the weekend of August 21-22.  Lisa and I hope some of the Cardi folk in the Dallas area (Lisa lives in Mesquite) will come evaluate the babies.  Ditto is a Champion and a Carbon daughter — this brood has Chase for a dad.  There should be some sweet-tempered puppies that love to show and love performance events.  If you have an interest in owning one of the babies, use the Lisa link to send her an email.  We’ll have more about a puppy party in the next few weeks.


  1. Cheryl says:

    OMG! Look at poor Ditto! Chase should be ashamed (but I bet he’s PROUD!)

  2. Builder Mama says:

    What a striking girl Ditto is! She and Chase should make some pretty babies!!!

  3. Le'o says:

    Nice lineage! I love her dam, Vicky.

    Belly rubs for the sweet momma.