a July 2nd, 2011

  1. The Chase/Ditto Puppies at One Week

    July 2, 2011 by myeye

    As if Lisa doesn’t have enough other things to do, here I sit DEMANDING photos.  So she took a bunch of photos (so many that she had to compress the folder to email it).  Lisa started her litter names at Z and worked backward through the alphabet.  That’s tough duty — I know — how do you think the litter name “Udi” happened?  Lisa is using rick-rack to identify the kids for now.  So, there is a litter name, rick-rack color, and then the sex for each baby.  I am guessing at the sex, but am pretty sure she didn’t call a girl “Wendell” or “Vance”.  If I’m wrong, I’ll make a correction.  I’m pleased with the markings.  The last little girl (Riley) is really flashy, but all have nice blazes and white feet.  No mis-marks and in a few weeks we’ll find out if any are fluffs.  Photos were taken yesterday when they were one week old.

    Note that on my sidebar there is a link to the puppy application — in case you need one of these little cuties to call your own.  Ditto is “CH Coedwig’s Dejavu”.  She is a tan pointed tri, and daddy Chase (AM/CAN CH C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness CD HSAs RN VC TT) is Brindle.  Both parents are health-tested.  The pedigree is here.

    Zoey – red (perhaps sable) – girl

    Yancey – Purple – Boy

    Xanadu – White  Girl

    Wendell – Yellow  Boy

    Vance – Aqua  Boy

    Utopia – Orange  Girl

    Topper – Olive  Boy

    Stanley – Navy  Boy

    Riley – Green  Girl