a July 23rd, 2011

  1. Awww — C’m On

    July 23, 2011 by myeye

    I have been so consumed with the murder case, that many other duties have been sliding.  Yesterday I sat with my client for what, I hope, will be her last television interview.  She was so together and gracious.  I was proud of her because she refused to take the bait when invited to comment on the horrid things said by her dead husband’s family.  She took the high road.

    Today I am geared up to catch up on my billing and to turn out two briefs.  One of those briefs was written for me by another attorney — she is awesome.  I could never complain about her work EXCEPT she works in MS Word.  I have Word on my computer, but I use it as seldom as possible.  I am an old WordPerfect woman.  I’ve been using WordPerfect since version 1.1 with DOS.  Back then, there was no Windows and no Word.  Anyway, she emailed me the brief at 1:30 and I hoped to file it before I left for the jail at 2:00.  That didn’t happen — know why?  Because I could not get Word to turn the signature block into single spacing.  Can you believe it?  I spent half an hour trying to “fix” the blankety-blank signature block.  So, I planned this morning to remote into the office computer from home, figure out where single spacing might be on the annoying Word ribbons, and get the brief done.  We file electronically in Federal Court BUT, I discovered, the filing system is down for the weekend AND I’ve lost remote connectivity between home and the office.

    So — make the trek to town — on a Saturday — because I must figure out what Qwest did this time.  Periodically I lose internet at the office then must power cycle the modem.  Then everything is fine, but I’ll have driven 45 minutes to make that happen.

    The other thing that happened this week is that I learned I must re-roof the house — not should, MUST.  So, I have to get my billing done to pay a contractor to install a roof.  I’m going with metal which is much more practical up here on the mesa.  The high wind gusts remove runs of shingles.  I want one-and-done with this project.  It’s always something!  So, we are on dog show hiatus until the end of September while I gather up the money for a roof.  Actually, it will be nice to have all three dogs at home on the weekends when I have time to play with them.  It will also be nice if the roof doesn’t leak if it ever rained again.  It will be a miracle if I can single space the signature block in Word, and a relief if I can send out the billing.

    Tomorrow the man across the street will be over again to “fix” stuff.  He is great, knows how to do just about everything, the dogs love him (they probably slow him down a little).  He is practical in his approach to repairs.  I am very lucky to have him nearby.