a July 28th, 2011

  1. Bad Bank, Bad, Bad, Bad!

    July 28, 2011 by myeye

    I think I’ve expressed my concern with bank information being mailed to my home address. My mailbox sits out on the main road, unsecured, listing a bit, waiting for some passer-by to take whatever is in it. So, I have a Post Office Box and pick up the mail faithfully. Right after my Community Bank was raided by US Bank, the new bank sent me mailings on all my accounts — personal and business — to my home mailbox. I went into my branch and asked them to please stop using that address and I called US Bank customer service and asked them to never use the physical address again. So, four month passed by and it was time for new VISA check cards.  I receive a letter at my home mailbox telling me “here is your new PIN” and that my new VISA card would be mailed to the address above, as would all correspondence relating to the card.  The letter goes on to tell me that the bank uses the physical address, even if you have a Post Office Box, for security reasons.  I called Customer Service at the big bank and explained that they had it all backward — my physical address mailbox is really far from secure.  So, they must find a way to send my banking correspondence to the PO Box.  To their credit, the actual check card went to the PO Box.

    Tuesday when I checked the roadside box to get the grocery store mailers, there was yet another letter from the Bank.  I am steamed, but have been too busy the last couple of days to go to the bank.  That is just as well because now I have a really serious reason to visit the bank.  Since all my account numbers have changed, I ordered the “starter packs” (checks, deposit slips, an endorsement stamp) at a discount — for both my Operating and my Trust accounts.  Today I received a call from the Bail Bondsman that now rents the building in which I had my office in 2003.  You guessed it — my new starter packs of checks were mailed there.  My guess is that all the checks and deposit slips have the incorrect address on them.  Tomorrow morning on the way into town, I’ll pick up the two boxes.  Maybe I need to move all of my accounts to my Credit Union.

    Bad Bank — bad, bad, bad!