July, 2011

  1. Did It Ever Rain

    July 25, 2011 by myeye

    After I posted last night and went to bed, the light show began.  We had huge thunder boomers and lightning flashes.  Then the rain came and it poured.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that my dogs are not at all concerned by thunder or lightning.  They don’t know what all that wet stuff was.  So they raced into the back yard barking at the thunder and getting soaked to the skin.  The family room looks pretty bad this morning with muddy paw prints everywhere.  Everything outside is fresh and my wild flower meadow now has a chance to grow.

  2. Too Darned Hot!

    July 24, 2011 by myeye

    We have been suffering from insufferably high temperatures (I think that’s why it’s called that).  The high temps have been between 96 and 100 degrees for many days.  There has been some rain in parts of New Mexico, but not at my house.  We received a dozen droplets today and the clouds moved on.  Since the 1st of the year, we have had .25″ of precipitation — that equals drought!

    Notwithstanding the heat, there were chores that had to be tackled.  The man across the street is a student, but can always use a little money.  He knows how to do all sorts of things so last Sunday and today he came over and re-framed for the dog door, put up tougher fencing over the wrought iron (sorry, Nola), hung curtain rods in three rooms, fixed an electrical outlet, securely fastened my Garmin holder to my dash.  We then filled up his trailer with “stuff”.  The former home owner and his wife had doo-dads and thingamajigs all over the place.  They are all GONE.  I have saved the other half of the sliding patio door for Tom to scrape during the next desert visit.  Last winter he removed painted ivy and pots and curly cues from half the door.

    I took the wand for the shop vac to Home Depot on the pretext that it needed a new floor brush.  What it really needed was two guys with big hands to separate all the parts because I can’t do it.  So now the shop vac is really sucking it up.  It has a new filter and a new floor brush.  While the baddogs enjoyed watermelon on the patio, I vacuumed the family room.  I had two wire crates and a VariKennel in the room.  They eat in crates (my choice) and sleep in crates (their choice).  The VariKennel went to the storage unit and I opened up a new wire crate for Nola.  The dogs took turns getting into it and making sure it was acceptable.  I guess it is.

    I was going to grind up a batch of dog food today, but it’s 9:00, still very hot — so I’ll do it before I go to the office in the morning.  Bright spots:  new photos of the Ditto/Chase babies on Lisa’s blog and this stunning sunset.  I apologize for the power lines — the sun is setting to the north a bit so I don’t have my unobstructed view.

  3. Awww — C’m On

    July 23, 2011 by myeye

    I have been so consumed with the murder case, that many other duties have been sliding.  Yesterday I sat with my client for what, I hope, will be her last television interview.  She was so together and gracious.  I was proud of her because she refused to take the bait when invited to comment on the horrid things said by her dead husband’s family.  She took the high road.

    Today I am geared up to catch up on my billing and to turn out two briefs.  One of those briefs was written for me by another attorney — she is awesome.  I could never complain about her work EXCEPT she works in MS Word.  I have Word on my computer, but I use it as seldom as possible.  I am an old WordPerfect woman.  I’ve been using WordPerfect since version 1.1 with DOS.  Back then, there was no Windows and no Word.  Anyway, she emailed me the brief at 1:30 and I hoped to file it before I left for the jail at 2:00.  That didn’t happen — know why?  Because I could not get Word to turn the signature block into single spacing.  Can you believe it?  I spent half an hour trying to “fix” the blankety-blank signature block.  So, I planned this morning to remote into the office computer from home, figure out where single spacing might be on the annoying Word ribbons, and get the brief done.  We file electronically in Federal Court BUT, I discovered, the filing system is down for the weekend AND I’ve lost remote connectivity between home and the office.

    So — make the trek to town — on a Saturday — because I must figure out what Qwest did this time.  Periodically I lose internet at the office then must power cycle the modem.  Then everything is fine, but I’ll have driven 45 minutes to make that happen.

    The other thing that happened this week is that I learned I must re-roof the house — not should, MUST.  So, I have to get my billing done to pay a contractor to install a roof.  I’m going with metal which is much more practical up here on the mesa.  The high wind gusts remove runs of shingles.  I want one-and-done with this project.  It’s always something!  So, we are on dog show hiatus until the end of September while I gather up the money for a roof.  Actually, it will be nice to have all three dogs at home on the weekends when I have time to play with them.  It will also be nice if the roof doesn’t leak if it ever rained again.  It will be a miracle if I can single space the signature block in Word, and a relief if I can send out the billing.

    Tomorrow the man across the street will be over again to “fix” stuff.  He is great, knows how to do just about everything, the dogs love him (they probably slow him down a little).  He is practical in his approach to repairs.  I am very lucky to have him nearby.

  4. Darby and Her Sheep

    July 22, 2011 by myeye

    Chase/Magic daughter Darby (Wellshire Follow the Queen Darby) has been taking herding lessons.  As I would expect, she loves her sheep.  Her trainer is planning an HT in October and a PT in November (same schedule as her half sister Lowri).  Gwendy sent me some photos of the little brindle girl working.  Go, Darby!

  5. Out of the Microcosm and Back Into the Wide World

    July 20, 2011 by myeye

    I don’t want to leave you all hanging, so — yesterday the judge sentenced my client to 11 years in prison.  She will serve just short of another 8 years (she’s been in custody for 530 days for which she has received credit).  She did a fabulous interview with Dateline (I don’t use the word “fabulous” regularly).  The sentencing hearing was, however, bedlam.  There were cameras everywhere, wires strung across the floor and the courtroom was full of people with opinions.  Only one of those people really knows what happened back in January, 2002.  I think it is fair to say that the anger was palpable.  The sentence was imposed (in my opinion) more because the death was concealed for eight years than because there was a death.

    Ellen is at peace with the sentence.  She had the opportunity to fully recount that night and what led up to it.  She knew there was a great possibility that the Court would impose the maximum time permitted by the plea agreement.

    The aftermath:  The crazies — people that do not understand for our system to work there must be an advocate for each side of the question — are posting angry (sometimes threatening) comments on the TV news station blogs and elsewhere.  I take precautions for my safety, but otherwise I don’t let them bother me.  I know my job and I know it’s not always popular.  I believe what I do is so important to democracy.  I warned my client’s family to be extra vigilant.

    So, I’m going to the office in a little while to dig out.  I have other clients that have been sorely neglected.