The Good and The Bad

July 16, 2011

FLASH from the dog shows:  Chase/Scout daughters Ginger (owned by Kathy Metcalfe) earned a 3-point major in Marshall, MI for her debut today and Sally (owned by breeder Janet Suber) earned a 4-point major in Southhaven Mississippi.  Litter Brother Tommy showed well — Best Puppy and Puppy Herding Group IV —  but did not get the points today — there is always tomorrow.  Holmes and Nola, up in Eagle Colorado, did not fare as well 🙁

Inca and I are home alone.  Everyone else (probably in the entire world) is at a dog show.  So, what’s good about it?  I can leave bathroom doors open and no naughty little red girl will steal the toilet paper and carry it away; I can leave the gate between the kitchen and living room open and no dog will rip up magazines or take my shoes;  I am able to clean house without fearing a sneak vacuum attack; no one is barking at errant leaves or dogs in the yard acres away.

Bad:  I can’t vacuum because then I wouldn’t hear my phone ring so I won’t know how my grandpups are doing; it’s pretty hot and sticky — grooming the Dink will result in red hair stuck all over me.

To add to the mix — my community bank was raided in February by US Bank.  This weekend I cannot get to my account on line.  I was supposed to receive a new VISA check card by yesterday, but it wasn’t in the mail.  I HATE CHANGE — especially change that requires me to read a bunch of tiny print so I might set up new on-line banking.  I wonder if PayPal transactions from Thursday will go through.  I purchased my August 20th flight to Dallas to see the Ditchas, and would hate for Southwest to be told it can’t have any money.

Okay — that’s it.  I’m going to have some ice cream.


  1. Jeri says:

    Naughty Nola is indeed naughty! Barking at her handler when she had the gall to not pay attention to her LOL. She’s adorable though.

    Congrats to all the furgrandbabies who brought home some points today!

  2. c-myste says:

    You’re not the only one in the world not at a dog show. Yard-work weekend here in southern Orygun. Just keeping phone in pocket for reports from the grandkids.

  3. Jean from NM says:

    Sounds like to two-dish ice cream night to me, but as they say, today’s another day. Good luck.