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August 27, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ELDEST SON, MARC.  Have a great day — play golf!

This has been an exhausting week.  I’m finding that I need my weekends.  They are pretty full of dog stuff and house stuff, but when I am away as I was last weekend, the next week seems interminable.  Of course, I’m coming down to the end of preparing the Fall issue of the Bulletin, so am tweaking ads already completed and finishing up the last few.  Since I pushed the deadline a few days to get in the Western Reserve win photos, the time-line is more compressed.  This issue will be the same size as the Summer (Nationals) issue.  I don’t know how that happened, but I’m thinking there were lots of performance people bursting at the seams to let the world know how great are their dogs.  In any case, we again have 64 pages of color and great, informative  articles.  I think I like this one the best so far.

Little Riley will be here for three more weeks.  She is too cute for words (I LOVE PUPPIES).  I will try to get some video of her today though I don’t know if my little camera is capable of recording “warp speed puppy”.  We did toenails yesterday whilst my floor was being adjusted.  The floor floats, but had been installed so tightly that when we finally had rain — yes, we did — there was no room for it to expand.  A run of planks bowed slightly in response.  The floor guy lifted the run nearest the wall, trimmed off 1/4″, put it back and it’s perfect.  I wish everything in this house was that easy to repair.  Oh yeah, I was talking about toenails . . . she didn’t like it, but tolerated it very well and gave me liberal kisses whenever I was too near her face.  Darling puppy!  Yesterday I sent the Sherpa Bag to Lisa so she can bring Vance here and (sniff) take Riley back to Dallas.  Two of the siblings are flying to Portland, one is going to Las Vegas, one will be in Maine, Vance will be wherever there is a show home that fits him, and the rest will be in Texas.  That’s a very cosmopolitan group.

Holmes is leaving for boot camp on September 8th.  He’s very much a mama’s boy, so the first day of every show he is distracted and doesn’t want to be a show dog.  Wendy will take him (unentered) to some shows so he can just hang out, get treats, and see that life on the road is not a bad thing.  The end of September through the middle of October he will be entered.  Little Nola is scheduled for eight shows during the second and third weeks of October.

After Holmes’ whirlwind tour, I will get serious about finding the right place for him to live.  Chase will be coming home after the Ohio National Specialty in April, and only one boy can live in this house.  That will be Chase.  For Holmes — the right place will be with someone that does obedience and/or agility and/or tracking.  They can show him if they want to play in the Breed ring.  I only require access to him for breeding.  After the October shows, I’ll do his permanent OFA x-rays for hips and elbows and CERF him.  We already know he is fluff free, DM clear, and tested clear for PRA.  This is his pedigree.  I love this goofy dog, but I won’t live in an armed camp — which is what it would be with Chase and Holmes in the same space.  If you know someone that would enjoy an athletic, graceful, finished dog to work in companion or performance events, please suggest they talk with me.

With the rain have come the weeds.  My teenage football player and John-from-across-the-street are going to attack the overgrowth and undergrowth tomorrow.  New roof is scheduled for the end of September, new front porch shortly after that.  Never fear, I won’t be running out of projects.

Time to bring out Bruno and grind up a batch of dog food.  I hope you have a great weekend.  Offer up some good thoughts for those on the east coast who will have Irene visiting.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Amen about the good thoughts toward the east. I promise I will not complain about fencing chores when many people, after the storm, will be rebuilding their LIVES.