The morning after a new puppy

August 22, 2011

I am so tired — being a wannabe yuppie means I have Gucci bags under my eyes.

Holmes and Nola got home at midnight.  I drove 45 minutes to pick them up.  So by the time we got home and they expressed their interest, concern, delight that there was a new dog here, it was 1:30.  Little Ms. Riley is on Texas time (or maybe she’s just ornery), but at 4:45 she started to yell for food.  I told her I was dead and to call Dr. Lisa, but she persisted.  So, I’m staggering around, hoping to find matching shoes to wear to the office.

A little while ago, she came into the family room to meet the big dogs nose to nose.   Nola isn’t sure how to play with her because Riley is so little.  Holmes sez, “A girl, cool!”  Inca says, “I thought I was your only, but they keep on coming.”  Riley figured out the dog door as soon as we got home yesterday.  She thinks she’s really smart and is in and out a half dozen times an hour.  Now I’m waiting for her to figure out that the purpose of the dog door is so she can potty OUTSIDE.  I hope she gets that step soon.

I’m going to put the puppy cam back up so you can watch her grow (and let me know if she’s in trouble).

No more dog shows until the second and third weeks of October (thank goodness).  We are about 2/3 through putting together the Fall Bulletin.  I have a few more color pages to fill to make up the last Signature (set of 16 pages).  Bonnie $ has been putting all the articles into the InDesign format — that is such a huge load off.

New metal roof is going to happen the end of September — that will be a great relief.