Waiting For The Phone to Ring

August 12, 2011

Chase and Lowri, and Scout and Sally, and Ginger, and Treasure are all at Western Reserve.  Lowri has only the point she earned her first weekend out, Ginger has only the Major she earned her first weekend out, Sally has 14 points with three majors and the point she earned her first time out.  The little girls will be 8 months old tomorrow.  It’s pretty exciting as a dog Gramma to know that they are at the largest annual specialty (next to our Nationals).  What will the judges think?  How will the puppies act?  Will we have some success?  . . . as for the big dogs, Chase is entered in Best of Breed and in Stud Dog class.  This is Chase’s first time in Stud Dog.  Two of the little girls will accompany him.  Scout will be in Best of Breed and in Brood Bitch Class — two of the little girls will accompany Scout.  Treasure is, I hear, naked.  She is due in season the first of September and will be bred to our Chaseman — more little red Cardis puppies expected in November.

I am so glad it’s Friday.  Tomorrow is dog-food-grinding day.  First thing in the morning I’ll go down to our farmers’ market at the park and bring back the veggies.  The meat is already here.  Then I’ll make up a big batch of dinners.  At noon, I must take a photo of the full moon coming up over the mountains.  I promised it as the background for a Bulletin ad.

My neighbor John will be over on Sunday to fix stuff.  One would think he’d been here enough to fix everything, but there is so much fixin’ to do.  Then we can start on the “Let’s build . . ”

I promise photos — it’s been a week of late days at the office.


  1. Jean from NM says:

    Sorry about the late nights at work. We’ve missed you! Maybe tonight there’ll be another sunset like last night’s to blow everyone away.

  2. nancy says:

    You work too hard! OOH! More Chaselets,Chasesure,Tresmans, I can’t wait! Good Luck at the shows.