Western Reserve – As I Learn It

August 12, 2011

This morning the three Scout/Chase puppies (part of Janet Suber’s “The Ocho”) showed in Puppy Sweeps at Western Reserve.  A puppy bred by Jon Kimes won the 6-9 puppy bitch class, Lowri was 2nd, Ginger was 3rd, and Sally was 4th.  Seven girl puppies showed in the class.

In the regular 6-9 puppy bitch class, Lowri was 1st and Ginger was 2nd.  Sally is entered in Bred By Exhibitor class so will show in just a little while.

More as I learn it.


Sally was 2nd in Bred-By.  We’re having a great day!  . . . and I’m in Albuquerque . . . 😀

Lowri was Best of Winners, Chase made the cut in Breed and was second in the Stud Dog Class behind Smarty.  Scout was best brood bitch.

There was to be a breed seminar tonight, but everyone was too tired to go so they canceled it.  Chase, Lowri and Ginger were invited to be the demo dogs.

I’m not sure I have the stamina for tomorrow . . .


  1. C-Myste says:

    Terrific! Congratulations!!!

  2. nancy says:

    You are having an awesome show!! Best of luck through the weekend. Congratulations!!

  3. C-Myste says:

    And “Yipee!” for Ginger, too.

  4. Carol Teal says:

    Huge congratulations! I’m really happy for you!

  5. Builder Mama says:

    So proud of all of the Ochettes! 🙂