a September 22nd, 2011

  1. Ears — balanced, but still ears

    September 22, 2011 by myeye

    I don’t think I need words.

    Tater in shade

    Rango under the table

    Tater Working on Ears

    Rango – ears and a very cute face

    That’s all the cute you’re allowed before dinner!

  2. Finally, we are getting our lid

    September 22, 2011 by myeye

    Today my contractor is picking up the metal roof and replacement skylights for my house.  The manufacturer cuts the metal pieces to size for the pitch and angles of the roof.  Although the skylights that are on the house don’t seem to be leaking, they are 15 years old and they are not “self-curbing” so I decided to replace them while we were doing the roof.  I am also adding a 10″ tubular skylight in the Jack & Jill bath between two guest rooms.  Billy will deliver all the parts today.  Tomorrow he will take the protective plastic off the metal parts and prep the roof, maybe it will also be skylight day.  I’m picking up drop cloths to cover the areas immediately below the skylights.  It looks like there will be no point in house cleaning this weekend — oh, darn!

    In other news, both babies put their second ears up yesterday.  I hope this evening to get photos of matching “we look like Cardigans” brothers.  They are wild and wooly little guys.  When you add Nola to the mix, it’s all your life is worth to be in the same space with them.  Holmes is entered in four shows in Grand Junction — weekend after this — and is the only Cardigan — we weren’t making an effort to build majors up there, but I thought there would be a couple of other Cardis.  So, he’ll get to play in the Group with Wendy.  After Grand Junction, Holmes and Nola are off to Alamogordo for four days for the “Chile Bowl” and then they’ll be home for four days at the shows in Los Lunas.  The show site is five minutes from the house — what a treat!

    All the Chase/Ditto puppies now have homes except for Tater.  We are still hoping to find a show/performance home for him.  While we are looking, he is bringing lots of laughter to this place.  Speaking of finding homes.  Holmes needs a forever home with someone who will harness his athleticism.  He’s very bright and loves to work so we think Agility or Obedience would be great for him.  He could still be shown in conformation.  His Dad will be coming home the end of April, and has made it abundantly clear that he loves a harem, but will not tolerate competition in the form of another male.

    A Kip update:  Kip had been doing so well, but a couple of weeks ago, he couldn’t move his back legs again.  The vet that did his surgery thinks it is one of the bulging disks flaring up.  He’s been on crate rest and aspirin and is up again, moving around slowly.  My friends that have Kip lost their cabin in the big fire in the Jemez Mountains.  It had been in their family for 40 years.  That fire cost many people their homes and their livelihood.  We also lost a wonderful apple orchard.  Dixon Apple Farm has been a fall destination for as long as I have been in New Mexico.  Between the fire and then the flooding that followed, there is nothing left there.

    Off to the office to meet my techno-wizard.  Yesterday I installed an automatic update from Hewlett Packard.  It wiped out the connection between my computer and my All-In-One.  So late yesterday I could not print, scan, fax, or copy.  I am really angry, but didn’t have the time to sit on hold for an hour waiting for an HP representative at whom I could vent.  I figured in the long run it was less expensive to have Ralph come and fix it.

    Photos of Rango and Tater later.