Eleven Minutes Remaining

September 7, 2011

Last night I received a text from Verizon.  “You are on track to exceed your usage limits for data, text messages or minutes.  Your account will reset on September 11th.”  Alrighty then!  We talked a lot last weekend while Susan and Chase were at the herding trial and Cheryl and Lowri were at the Lexington Show.  So, I thought I could be close to my limit on voice minutes.  I did all the dialing and dinking around to find out what was left.  The text was sent on September 6th and I have to make it through September 10th . . . hmmm . . . how much time do I have.  ELEVEN MINUTES!  Eleven minutes to last five days.  Do you suppose Verizon could have given me a bit more warning?  Is this supposed to send me frantically to purchase a bigger plan?  Okay, I’m annoyed!  So, don’t call me on my cell phone for a few days.

Little Riley is having a blast playing with Nola and Holmes before I go to work in the morning and then for a longer time when I return home.  We’ve had rain the last couple of days (one of the neighbors identified it for me), so we have mud.  That means the youngsters and the kitchen/family room/laundry room are disgustingly dirty.  However, the babies are so very happy.  It is cooler and they can play until they drop.  Lisa will be here Saturday afternoon and I will leave the muddy-dog-print area for Saturday morning cleaning.  There is no point in touching it before then.  Lisa is bringing red/white Topper.  He has show potential so I’ll grow him up for a little while.  Riley is going back to Dallas to learn how to drawl.

Holmes leaves Friday morning for Camp Wendy.  Yep!  He’s going to boot camp.  He’s a dreadful Mama’s Boy and it’s time to change that.  We waste the first day of every show weekend while he mopes because I am not holding his paw.  Hopefully when we are reunited in mid-October, he will be more grown-up.  I think Johnny and Laura, who now own Vance, and their friend Karen will trek to the Alamogordo Shows to meet Holmes and Naughty Nola, as well as some of our New Mexico/West Texas Cardi people.  Perhaps I’ll win the lottery tonight and just throw caution to the winds, take ten days off and go to all the dog shows — or maybe not.


  1. nancy says:

    OHHHHH! I thought the TopMan was already taken. His puppy pixs showed lots of promise. Best of Luck and give that Riley a squeeze for me.

  2. Dawn says:

    If Holmes ever wants to visit MN he is welcome to come to our house to play.