Resting up for Labor Day

September 5, 2011

Big Brother (Holmes), Middle Sister (Nola), and Baby Sister (Riley) wore themselves to a frazzle yesterday.  There aren’t action photos because there is no camera fast enough.  The aftermath of the great frap I can handle.  Here are a few shots of the resident baddogs.  Inca did jump in every once in a while because, after all, she is the fun police.

Riley laid claim to an antler and her older siblings let her win

Riley found she has a better chance of avoiding claim jumpers if she jumps in someone’s crate

Nola is just waiting for the opportunity to grab the antler

Then Holmes wrestles with Nola

You said my name?


  1. Jenn says:

    I swear Nola is prettier every time you post a picture. Hugs to all.

  2. Maryk says:

    Oh gosh, I haven’t seen a full-face pic of Holmes in quite a while – he certainly has turned out to be the most handsome dog. Definitely a guy face & such a serious expression. I love the freckles on his nose.

  3. nancy says:

    Love that freckle-faced, handsome Holmes! He sure grew up. Will you be parting/placing him when Chase comes home? I know that having 2 intact males can be tough, they both want to be top dog and have all the fun. I’m building my “Corgi Acct” and hopefully will be able to acquire one with the personality that your dogs possese. Congratulations on Lowri’s success also.