Why I like Friday Evening

September 16, 2011

FIRST:  The dogs and I can play in the yard.  I’m not pressured to get ready for some lawyer presentation tomorrow:


These photos look as if they might be from Dina’s blog, but they aren’t.  Somehow I have three red dogs here:  butt end, tail wagging is the little Chase/Ditto boy “Tater Tot” (used to be Topper), upside down is Naughty Nola.  She loves to throw herself on the ground to play with her little brother.  Going in for the quick nip is Gramma Inca — she feels safe when Nola is otherwise occupied.  My brindle boys are away so all I have here are three naughty red dogs.

I love Friday evening because I can take the time to stalk the puppy with my camera.  He is dreadfully cute.  Mmmm!  Puppy ears!


Is this not a very cute face?  He wants to know why I’m bothering him.

. . . and the Friday night glory


So the sun is down, the dogs are worn out (for the moment), and I have a bag of antlers that came home from the last show.  They are sprawled around the kitchen, and I’m on the computer sharing Friday with you.  Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Red Dog Mom says:

    Wow. Had a moment of panic there. I didn’t remember taking or posting any pictures of The Horde today :). Careful, you may Gi.d yourself going to the ‘red’ side!

  2. Builder Mama says:

    Ha! Looks like my house, plus one. Tater Tot is devastatingly cute.

  3. Susan says:

    Cute puppy! Lots of red dogs I am glad they are all having so much fun and are entertaining you so well